“Basique” Orelsan

For many years all I've been wearing bottom wise were leggings until last year when all of a sudden I decided to get rid of them all (donated is actually a better word) but 1 pair (I wasn't going to let myself wander around in my knickers 😂). So the hunt for trousers began. I'm... Continue Reading →

“Someone you loved” Lewis Capaldi

Have you ever had a piece of clothing you love so much you wear it with everything? This actually never happened to me until I got this jumper a few months ago. It is so perfect! Not too long, not too short and it goes with everything! The joy of pink and black together and... Continue Reading →

“Zombie” Bad Wolves

I love fashion. I love to dress up. But the past few months I haven't been feeling my best and have let myself go pretty badly. Wearing the first thing that comes to me not even caring if it fits or goes together... I have decided to take control back and to motivate myself I... Continue Reading →

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