“Coups et blessures” BB Brunes

Having a fashion blog and only posting socks kinda miss the point of motivating me in making an effort 😂 But with this weather we had lately I chose comfort rather than style so I think I can be excused 😁 but with the rain back I am seriously getting back to it 😊 One... Continue Reading →

“I’d do anything for love” Meatloaf

I'm a big nerd and every year I go to the comic con happening in my city. But as cool as it is it's definitely not San Diego or London. So this year I decided to change that and booked tickets for London film and Comic Con. This is happening this weekend and I went... Continue Reading →

“Polka” Luce

I love pink. It is by far my favourite colour but unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to find anything pink that doesn't end up too Barbie looking so when I saw these bright pink trousers I had to have them! They are perfect! I'm definitely going to keep them forever! And they go perfectly with... Continue Reading →

“The pretender” Foo fighters

Starting this blog was to actually motivate me to make an effort especially when going to work. So today I managed to put the Monday blues aside and dressed myself up. I was really happy with myself. I now just need to figure out what to do with my hair. I always end up with... Continue Reading →

“Human” Rag n bone man

I always wanted a long tutu skirt. They make an outfit so dreamy so when I found this pink one I had to get it. I am also crazy about funky shirts and this one with this cute cat collar has been in my wish list for months before I finally got it. It is... Continue Reading →

“Makeover” GLOW

Sooo here's a little sneak peek of what I have to work on. Leggings that I worn so many times they are falling apart, a tank top so old and discoloured I don't know why I still have it, my favourite cardigan and a pair of doc martens that do not go with the rest... Continue Reading →

“Zombie” Bad Wolves

I love fashion. I love to dress up. But the past few months I haven't been feeling my best and have let myself go pretty badly. Wearing the first thing that comes to me not even caring if it fits or goes together... I have decided to take control back and to motivate myself I... Continue Reading →

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