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“Basique” Orelsan

For many years all I’ve been wearing bottom wise were leggings until last year when all of a sudden I decided to get rid of them all (donated is actually a better word) but 1 pair (I wasn’t going to let myself wander around in my knickers 😂).

So the hunt for trousers began. I’m not very good at finding trousers so when these popped up I jumped on them right away! The colour was perfect, the cut was perfect and of course it was my size.

I am in love and need more like this!

Shirt: Camaïeu (gifted by my mum)

Trousers: New Look vie Depop

Shoes: Iron Fist clothing (birthday gift by the in laws)

Photos taken by Katie Jade Photography

To listen to the song in the title click here

By Miss Ness

A French girl living the English lifestyle

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