“Shooting star” Owl City

I love colours! All of them I’m not difficult when it comes to them. I always work by moments when I wear them though. During the summer I was wearing mostly Mustard before going to Pink and now I am slowly migrating to Green but wanted to show you one of the last pink outfits before I move on for good (until next time 😂)

Shirt: Depop

Trousers: River Island via Depop

Shoes: Dr Martens via Shuh

Coat: H&M

Bag: Danielle Nicole

Photos taken by lehnerphotography

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“Dirty” Christina Aguilera

I am back 😊

The past months have been pretty busy with me starting a new job and holidaying around but I am now back on the blog and ready to share my love of fashion with you 😊

2019 is going to be fun!

Top: Pretty Little Things

Skirt: Abandoned Shipped

Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photos by Alan Lyall

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“Back to black” Amy Winehouse

Sunday rhymes with socks! Well… no actually it doesn’t but it should 😋

Let me show you what I wore this week

Monday: A very old pair from I don’t remember where 😂

Tuesday: Hedgehogs from New Look

Thursday: Batman from Geek Culture Kingdom

Friday: Maleficent from a souvenir shop in Disney world

Saturday: Genie of the lamp from Primark

Sunday: Halloween from H&M

I didn’t wear any socks on Wednesday.

See you all next week 😊

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“Diary of Jane” Breaking Benjamin

What is Disneybound? Well DisneyBounding is a way to dress up as a Disney character without wearing a costume. As adults are unable to wear Disney costumes in the parks (so you don’t get confused by actual cast members) the disneybound as been created so you can still be your favourite character by wearing your everyday clothes. And this is something I really enjoy doing.

Today for example I went to see “Christopher Robin” to the cinema and decided to go dressed as Eeyore. It is a simple outfit but still I loved it 😊

And you should go see the film. You won’t regret it 😊

Top: From my husband closet (but I think it’s from Primark)

Shorts: Kanabeach

Boots: Dr Martens

Handbags: got at Loulou’s vintage fair

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