“Blue suede shoes” Elvis Presley

Last night we went to an engagement party so I opted for a black and white outfit for the occasion. Which turned out to be an excellent choice as half of the guests were in this colour scheme as well. You can never go wrong with black and white.

Shirt: Wish

Trousers: New Look via Depop

Boots: Primark

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“Following the leader” Peter Pan

My shirt collection is getting better and better. I am in love with all of them! This new addition is, I think, going to become a new favourite… until I buy a new one 😂

Shirt: American Apparel via Depop

Trousers: Zara

Boots: Dr Martens

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“Back to black” Amy Winehouse

Sunday rhymes with socks! Well… no actually it doesn’t but it should 😋

Let me show you what I wore this week

Monday: A very old pair from I don’t remember where 😂

Tuesday: Hedgehogs from New Look

Thursday: Batman from Geek Culture Kingdom

Friday: Maleficent from a souvenir shop in Disney world

Saturday: Genie of the lamp from Primark

Sunday: Halloween from H&M

I didn’t wear any socks on Wednesday.

See you all next week 😊

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“Diary of Jane” Breaking Benjamin

What is Disneybound? Well DisneyBounding is a way to dress up as a Disney character without wearing a costume. As adults are unable to wear Disney costumes in the parks (so you don’t get confused by actual cast members) the disneybound as been created so you can still be your favourite character by wearing your everyday clothes. And this is something I really enjoy doing.

Today for example I went to see “Christopher Robin” to the cinema and decided to go dressed as Eeyore. It is a simple outfit but still I loved it 😊

And you should go see the film. You won’t regret it 😊

Top: From my husband closet (but I think it’s from Primark)

Shorts: Kanabeach

Boots: Dr Martens

Handbags: got at Loulou’s vintage fair

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“Coups et blessures” BB Brunes

Having a fashion blog and only posting socks kinda miss the point of motivating me in making an effort 😂

But with this weather we had lately I chose comfort rather than style so I think I can be excused 😁 but with the rain back I am seriously getting back to it 😊

One thing you need to know about me (apart for my love for socks) is that I only shop online. I rarely find anything on the high street and I don’t like going out wandering aimlessly from shop to shop. The problem is that it’s the opposite for my husband so on Saturday we went out for him and got back home with this t-shirt… for me 😂 While in the men section at H&M looking for stuff for the husband I fell in love with this bugs bunny top. It was the last size so I jumped on the occasion and got it for myself. My husband unfortunately didn’t find anything that day.

So today I went full on bunny style and matched the top with my awesome bunny trainers 😍 such a cool and comfy outfit on this rainy Monday.

Top: H&M men

Trousers: Boohoo

Trainers: of the rack clothing

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