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“Ma life” Oxmo Puccino feat. Orelsan

“World Book Day is a registered charity on a mission to give every child and young person a book of their own. It’s also a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading.”

I absolutely love reading! I always have a book with me. So for World Book Day I decided to take my Slytherin student outfit back out and celebrate in style 🥳

Cape, tie, wand and socks: eBay

Shirt: So old I don’t remember where I got it from

Shoes: Primark

Photos taken by Chaotic Visionz

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“Chaperone” Little Red Kings

Layering is something that I love having fun doing. There’s nothing best than creating a brand new outfit with pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.

For this outfit I transformed this dress into a skirt by just adding the most amazing T-shirt on top. Simple but it works 😊

I used to love Drop Dead Clothing! They were so funky! Unfortunately, in recent years, they have just gone too basic for my liking but I love hunting for old collections pieces like this Krusty the clown. I was so happy when I found it!

Top: Drop Dead Clothing via Depop

Dress: Given by my mum

Photos taken by Miliu Photo

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“Gotta catch ‘em all” Pokemon theme song

Last April I saw reina_roo wearing an amazing Pikachu shirt. When I found out that she got it on eBay I quickly opened the app and began my research. I needed (yes) this shirt.

Unfortunately I didn’t find it anywhere ☹️ but I did find this little beauty instead! It has all my favourite Pokemon on it and is just the cutest thing ever!

My coat was a charity shop find a couple of winter ago and it hasn’t left my side on cold days ever since. I absolutely love it!

Shirt: eBay

Leggings: eBay

Coat: Originally from M&S but found in a charity shop

Shoes: Vintage shop in London

Badge: Joshua Dunlop

Photos taken by Katie Jade Photography

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“Bim Bam Boom” Mozart l’Opéra Rock

Happy New Year everyone 🥳

I hope you all had a good holiday season 😊 I personally been ill for half of it but that didn’t stop me for having a good time.

I’m now recovered and ready to tackle the new year 💪 Starting with this Star Wars inspired outfit.

Star Wars is like Marmite you either love it or hate it. I hate Marmite but I do like a bit of Star Wars 😊 General Grievous is definitely my favourite character (I even got the chance to meet Matt Wood who is his voice actor (see here)) but I do like a Porg too so when I saw this Porg top in one of the souvenirs shop in Hollywood Studio in Florida I had to bring it home with me. And I absolutely love it!

Bonus picture! My latest tattoo addition ❤️

Top: Souvenirs shop in Disney World Florida

Dress: Very old collection from H&M

Tights: eBay

Shoes: Irregular Choice via Imelda’s

To listen to the song in the title click here (One of my favourite musical ❤️)


“Girl all the bad guys want” Bowling for soup

I haven’t been active on the blog for a while now but I have an excuse!

I have been casted for a role in a play and spent the last couple of months at rehearsals and the last couple of weeks on stage doing the show.

I have been doing theatre when I was younger but then stopped and lately modelling took over but going back on stage as an actor felt amazing! I had the best time and met so many fantastic people.

The play is called “the secret garden” and I have been given the role of a doctor and guess what! I got to wear a corset!! A dream come true! Not ideal in this heat but happy nonetheless 😊

Our last show is on Sunday and I will be back here later I promise 😊

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Comic con cosplay Geek

“All I need” Tom Felton

As you probably know by now Comic Con is my favourite event to go to. The Summer one is happening this weekend in London and I went yesterday.

As it was their anniversary this year was bigger than ever with a lot more guests than usual. It has been very difficult to choose who to see as I don’t do choices 😂 but we ended up seeing Tom Felton, Christina Ricci, Devon Murray and Vladimir Furdik. We tried to go see John Barrowman but he was very popular and queues were never ending so unfortunately we had to give up. There is always a next time 😊 I managed to get a picture with Devon Murray and we got a selfie with Vladimir Furdik but unfortunately we were not allowed to do so with Tom Felton and Christina Ricci ☹️

As I was seeing 2 actors from the Harry Potter films I decided to wear my Slytherin school uniform. I ended up getting a professional picture in my costume and decided to have it signed by Tom Felton. I was planning on having my Slytherin edition of “The Philosoher’s Stone” signed but thought this would be funnier to have him sign my face instead. He was actually impressed by the shot and happily signed it 😊

Even with the heat Cosplayers showed up and some of them were fantastic! A lot of “Stranger Things” and “Good Omens” cosplays were around which is good as I was getting tired to see Jokers and Harley Quinns at every corner 😂

I already can’t wait for next summer ❤️

These 2 were fantastic I loved this Snape cosplay Traditional picture with Darth VaderThis guy was fantastic! Everything on his costume was handmade ❤️

A lot of Good Omens costumes but these 2 were my favourite.

With Devon Murray

With Vladimir Furdik

Sneaky shot of Gina TorezSneaky shot of Lana ParillaSneaky shot of Jason IsaacSneaky shot of Christina Ricci.

Sneaky shot of Jessie Cave

My autograph from Tom Felton 😊

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mud run run sport

“La danse des canards” J.J. Lionel

One thing to know about me is that I am a lazy bum. I walk to and from work everyday (2 hours walk) and that is enough for me ahah! But at the beginning of the year my husband told me that he wanted to start running again so I said that I will join him and we signed up for a couple of runs for motivation.

My husband started playing baseball so he ended up running during practise. I, however, done nothing :S so when our first run arrived (last week) I was pretty worried that I wasn’t going to manage or was going to spoil the fun for everyone as we went with a couple of friends.

Turns out I was worried for nothing as I finished the run (6K!), faced my fear of heights on the final obstacle and even enjoyed myself!

I don’t think I will do a mud run again though as the after bit was a nightmare! So much mud to wash off! ahah!

Our next run will be an inflatable one in October which promise to be good fun as well!


The race is called Splat Quack Go and if you are interested in joining there is a new race planned for September. Website here

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“Basique” Orelsan

For many years all I’ve been wearing bottom wise were leggings until last year when all of a sudden I decided to get rid of them all (donated is actually a better word) but 1 pair (I wasn’t going to let myself wander around in my knickers 😂).

So the hunt for trousers began. I’m not very good at finding trousers so when these popped up I jumped on them right away! The colour was perfect, the cut was perfect and of course it was my size.

I am in love and need more like this!

Shirt: Camaïeu (gifted by my mum)

Trousers: New Look vie Depop

Shoes: Iron Fist clothing (birthday gift by the in laws)

Photos taken by Katie Jade Photography

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holiday travel

“Qui je suis” Thomas Dutronc

The past week has been spent road tripping around Corsica where we got to visit St Florent, Calvi, Porto, Ajaccio, Propriano, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio and Bastia. We then went back on the “continent” and spent some time in Nice and Monaco.

The views were amazing, the food was amazing, the drinks were amazing and most importantly, the people we spent it with were amazing. However, the mountain roads and the ferry were a nightmare 🤢 I will not miss these and will be more than happy if I don’t go back on a boat anytime soon 😂

There are too many photos to share so I will just show you the amazing views

And the amazing food 😊

We may have eaten our weight on ice cream 😂

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“Someone you loved” Lewis Capaldi

Have you ever had a piece of clothing you love so much you wear it with everything? This actually never happened to me until I got this jumper a few months ago.

It is so perfect! Not too long, not too short and it goes with everything! The joy of pink and black together and of course it sparkles 😋 which I had to coordinate with my glittery Dr Martens for this outfit.

Top: Depop

Trousers: Zara

Boots: Dr Martens via Schuh

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Photos taken by Katie Jade Photography